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Malealea, regarded as one of the top destinations in Lesotho, is a perfect one stop destination for a relaxing and adventurous holiday. A local band, using their homemade instruments, entertains guests in the evenings.

Malealea is a perfect base to enter Lesotho before travelling various routes across the country. For visitor wishing to escape the rattling noise of the town life Malealea is the ideal place, situated in a remote and rural village, where a tourist can experience peace & serenity - a real time to unwind.

Directions: Drive 60 km south from Maseru, or coming from Mafeteng, drive 26 kilometres north, Turn at the Matelile, Qaba signpost at Motsekuoa taxi corner. Drive 10 kms, fork right, drive 15 kms, turn left and drive over "The Gates of Paradise Pass" on the last 7 kilometres of gravel road to Malealea.

Malealea customize trips to suit the requirements of a traveller. A visitor can be taken to really remote areas, either camping in Basotho villages. Come and Explore Malealea with an overnight pony treks, hiking, mountain biking, village walks range from 1 hour to 6 days or longer, where one can overnight en-route in Basotho villages. No visit to Lesotho would be complete without a pony trek. It is the transport of choice for most Basotho as the sturdy ponies handle the narrow trails better than any 4X4 can. Pony treks can be arranged in the morning or the afternoon by the local community under the guidance of Malealea Lodge. Beginner riders can ask for a young person to accompany their horse and lead them at a rate of R15.00 per hour, paid directly.

Lesotho is a world without fences breathtaking scenery proliferatees and every season has unique attractions. Thus, the traveller will enjoy the hiking or pony trekking to majestic attractions of Botsoela Waterfall, Bushman Painting, The Pitseng Gorge & Rockpool, three caves & overhanging rock sites. Lesotho has got something to offer everyone. Come explore Lesotho and enjoy the culture of Basotho people.

I101 Snow cattle collecting firewood - Malealea001
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Liquor importation without an import permit is strictly prohibited and any liquor brought to the border control posts will be confiscated.