What to See

Katse Dam

Katse, is a disease free area, is one of Lesotho’s popular tourist destinations. It was named after a wealthy man called Katse who used to have a lot of livestock and provided agricultural produce to the local communities.

The area is now a home to the Highest Dam Wall in Africa, Katse Dam. The congenial Katse Village, developed in the early 1990s is located in this area and provides a spectacular view of the Katse reservoir as well as the country’s rugged mountain scenery.

At 2,000 metres above sea level, Katse Dam is described as “a striking piece of modern engineering”. The Dam is one of less than 30 double curvature concrete arch dams in the world; one of the world’s 10 largest concrete arch dams in terms of its volume; and the highest dam in Africa. The Dam has since its construction in 1991 been attracting thousands of people who come to see this engineering creation.


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