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LTDC conduct Workshop for Police Recruits

Police Recruits 2018

As part of our commitments in working together with our stakeholders to promote tourism and ensuring a pleasant and safely stay of visitors, Lesotho Tourism Development (LTDC) collaborates with Lesotho Mounted Police (LMPS). Thus, the corporation was given an opportunity to make a presentation on 22 October to two hundred and fifty three (253) police recruits. This was sequel to workshop held by LTDC for high ranking Police Officers and Commissioners of Police two years ago wherein it was agreed that police recruits be educated on tourism best practice.

In his opening address, Chief Executive of LTDC Mpaiphele Maqutu, highlighted that tourism is a recognized as a priority sector by the government of Lesotho intended to create employment and alleviate poverty. The LTDC boss made a clarion call to the recruits to perform their duties impeccably in order to leave positive footprints that will benefit future generations. As police officers you are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining law and order and have now become ambassadors of an efficient, professional and dignified police service indicated Maqutu. You must always be mindful that the power has been bestowed to you by a state expects the best out of you and you should relentlessly offer assistance to the visitors travelling to the kingdom of Lesotho to encourage repeated visits. 

Investors and tourists are attracted to a country where law and order prevails and failure to uphold law and order taints the image of Lesotho as a preferred destination for tourism and investment says the boss. There is an evident realization that if you combat crime you are promoting tourism and in so doing supporting government initiatives of job creation concluded Maqutu. 

During the event- Public Relations Manager Manchafalo Motšoeneng lectured the police recruits and covered the following various topics embracing soft skills like understandable communication, positive body language, exchange of pleasantries with the visitors (customer service), and factors that makes tourism to flourish. The Manager charged the recruits to embrace hospitable behavior towards tourists, if handled properly they yield results that makes a huge difference to the livelihood of the host community.

Motšoeneng urged the police to learn and be conversant with activities and places of interests in their neighborhood so that they can properly direct them to the desired destination. Humility and courtesy are the best use of power. It is treating every person with respect regardless of gender, race, sex or economic status, thus, this will make Lesotho an attractive destination for tourism added Motšoeneng.

Inspector Mohau Mokobocho appealed to the recruits to avoid engaging in bribery activities as it does not only seriously dent the image of police service but also of the destination. You have an obligation and responsibility to project the image and integrity of the Police Service through conduct that is undoubtedly designed to reflect positively on the Service explained the Inspector.


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