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enhancing sustainability in tourism”

Globally, the travel and tourism panorama has undergone a remarkable change as a result of the evolution of digitisation. Advances in internet, mobile technology, and social media have transformed the tourists or travellers approaches in planning a trip, clouding traditional, physical, personal and time boundaries.

It is clear therefore that online platforms should be optimised to meet the needs of tourists and travellers from flight to hotel bookings, the services should be easily accessible and user-friendly. This evolution benefits travellers in terms of easy access to travel information. On the other hand, companies are also faced with opportunities grow. In a bid to drive the anticipated growth in sales, revenue and brand awareness companies need to embrace to the digital technologies and transformation to answer the needs and demands of tourists and travellers who are rather more connected than ever.

The UNWTO has also emphasised the importance of digital transformation in tourism, hence the theme “Tourism and the digital transformation” to commemorate the 2018 World Tourism Day. In line with the said theme for commemoration of the 2018 World Tourism Day, the Kingdom in the Sky – Lesotho launched the mobile app “LESOTHO GUIDER” on the 3rd September 2018 with a view to create awareness to the members of the public about September as the tourism month and to make every tourism information more accessible.  The main features of this mobile app include its ability to provide information on available tourism attractions and activities that visitors can engage in during their stay in Lesotho, the GPS Coordinates for different tourism spots and places, accommodation facilities including rates and location, travel tips and through the app, it will be easy to identify the country of origin of people who have logged into the app. In this manner, the national tourism administrators.


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