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A Legend has fallen…

Mr Tšeliso Tokonye Ramakhula

The shock waves of the demise of one of the Kingdom in the Sky’s best passionate Historian and tourism Legend, Mr Tšeliso Tokonye Ramakhula has evoked deep sadness amongst all the tourism industry players as condolence messages are pouring in from different corners of the Southern African region. Indeed Lesotho has lost a legend in Ntate Tokonye Ramakhula.

He was a true patriot who loved and served this country tirelessly. His efforts have formed, like tiny bits of dust and rock called meteoroids and have fallen into different parts of our beautiful Kingdom and beyond. But instead of being short-lived like meteoroids, his Legacy will forever be lived, remembered and cherished by Basotho.

On behalf of all tourism stakeholders, the management of LTDC wishes to express the undying admiration of the work and life of Mr Tšeliso Tokonye Ramakhula. He was a wonderful human being: a Mentor, Teacher, Friend, Academic, Historian and Sesotho Writer. His work endures and will outlast us all.

We lower our heads but the memory of his amazing streaks of light, passionately channelled towards the promotion of tourism, history and culture of Basotho fuels our conviction.


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