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Snow falls in the Kingdom in the Sky

Snowfalls in the Kingdom in the Sky

On May 12th2018, the first snow of 2018 winter season fell at Sani pass in Lesotho, drifting against the hills, politely begging entrance and then falling with disappointment to the highest peaks of Lesotho. The first fall of the snow is not only an event, it is a magical event whereat one goes to bed in one side of the world and wakes up in another, quite different.


Since 12th May 2018, further snow fall was expected and was also observed at different parts of the country particularly in the highlands. The month of June started with a high note whereat significant snow fell in the highlands of Mokhotlong, Botha Bothe, Leribe, Semonkong and Thabatseka, leading to closure of some roads due to slipperiness and broken vehicles.

Today, 1st June 2018, most roads have been cleared and salt has been spread to dissolve most of the snow on major roads. However reports have shown that, the road to Katse is still closed at Mphosong Leribe Ha Lejone on account of heavy snow fall.

Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution during travelling and to enquire from their intended destinations on the conditions of the roads across the country. For the latest updates on snow conditions, visitors should check visitLesotho’s, semonkong, Afriski and other tourism related social media pages.

Meanwhile, VisitLesotho also encourages visitors to explore the beauty of the Kingdom in the Sky at this time of the year, depicted by the white snow blanket worn by most of the Kingdom’s wavering mountain ranges and peaks. 


Snow quote of the month…..


“Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 Lisente in the lottery”



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