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Lesotho Quality Star Grading System for Accommodation

In an effort to promote tourism in Lesotho and improve the standards and image of this beautiful Kingdom in the Sky, the Lesotho tourism Development Corporation established the Lesotho Quality Star Grading System in 2013.

The initiative is aimed at improving the overall quality of infrastructure and services to the tourism lodging facilities throughout the kingdom. For the programme to realise its intended benefits, there has to be thorough understanding by the business operators, of the system and how it works. Clear quality management principles also have to be in place together with thorough monitoring and evaluation for proper application of the grading system. It is against this background that, Star Grading Assessors become the most critical link between the Grading Council and the Accommodation establishments. It is thus important for the Grading assessors to have a full understanding of the dynamics of this highly demanding programme.

LTDC thus realised this need and facilitated training of Assessors for Lesotho Quality Star Grading in 2015 to ensure that these individuals are capable to serve the accommodation sector professionally and assist in achieving the goal of offering quality. Moreover, it had also come to the attention of LTDC that, the services offered by the industry have to be aligned with the international standards in order for Lesotho to be competitive in the regional market.

A total of 29 people underwent training in June 2015 at an international Hospitality School in South Africa. The trained Assessors will be working as Quality Star Grading consultants for accommodation sector in Lesotho.

The Lesotho Grading Awards Committee; Mr. Motlatsi Rametse said the committee is confident that, the Graduates are well equipped with necessary skills to improve the quality of the accommodation sector in Lesotho. “The Assessor have undergone training from a renowned institution, hence we are confident that, they will deliver up to the expectation or even beyond for the benefit of the sector”, said the Mr. Rametse.

One of the Graduates, Ms. Tebello Mothabeng said apart from the skills they have acquired, the training has in a way boosted their confidence for achieving the much needed quality for Lesotho accommodation facilities. “I have never thought of being a trainer, but subsequent to this, training, I am looking forward to training other people because I am confident that I will be able to impart the skills I have acquired, especially now that we are credible since we have been accredited”, Ms. Mothabeng commended.

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