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Roof of Africa

The Roof of Africa, held in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is considered to be one of the absolute toughest off-road endurance events in the world, attracting the world’s best Xtreme Enduro competitors to take on the challenge.

Without question, there are certainly numerous off-road race on the planet, including difficult, brutal races. But there are not many hard-core off-road events of the calibre of the Roof of Africa Rally, the mother of all real hard Enduro events. Every year, for over 40 years now more than 200 motorcycle riders have come to Lesotho, a tiny kingdom within South Africa. They all know exactly what strength is required and how many tough obstacles await them in the raw nature of this inhospitable mountain world. And even so, every year there are even more, not the least thanks to the organization of promoter Baboons, who are very well known throughout Europe because of this successful cross country series.

The Roof is considered to be the most important off-road event in Southern Africa and highly capricious because of the altitude involved. The race offers everything - from brutal heat and dust right up to continuous, unforgiving rain with riders having to cross almost impassable rivers. And when the weather gods of the local Basothos are really in a bad mood, it can be bitterly cold with snow flurries up on the high passes of the 3000 m-high Maloti Mountains. This is pure martyrdom for any rider, regardless of their level of competence.

The all-new bigger-and-better Roof of Africa Rally has just been launched by the Lesotho Off-Road Association (LORA). The revised version of the event sees this traditional off-road spectacle divided into five editions. The five editions are namely the Quad Roof of Africa, which took place in February, the Junior Roof (Motorcycles and Quads) which shall occur in April, the Enduro 5 Roof of Africa (Motorcycles) which is scheduled for July, the Roof of Africa Cars taking place in August, and the Roof of Africa Motorcycles in November.  

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