Lesotho Events

Semonkong Traditional Horse Race

As part of the initiatives to promote domestic tourism in Lesotho, #visityourcountryfirst, the Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation supports the annual horse-racing event as organised by the Semonkong community in collaboration with the Management of Semonkong lodge. This is an annual event whose main aim is to commemorate the Kings birthday in July.

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Lesotho Sky Bike Race

19th - 24th September 2016

Lesotho Sky is a mountain bike stage race over 400Km in 6 days with roughly 10km of climbing. To make the race a fascinating experience for every rider, entries are limited to 100 riders or 50 teams, hence 2 riders per team are permitted.

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Lesotho Ultra Trail

Set in the heart of the Maluti Mountain Range of North-Eastern Lesotho lies a distinctive ultra distance footrace, a new challenge awaiting those seeking to push their boundaries and exceed their expectations of what it’s like to be a sky runner.

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Africa Beer Festival

29th October 2016

Africa Beer Festival brings you the 3rd installment of its long awaited Beer Festival in the beautiful and mountainous Lesotho!

Africa Beer Festival celebrates Africa’s shared spirit of “ubuntu”, great passion for beer, and a love of celebrating life! Come enjoy this blissful experience blending carefully selected local and international beers and prepare to be enchanted by Lesotho!

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Roof of Africa

The Roof of Africa, held in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho is considered to be one of the absolute toughest off-road endurance events in the world, attracting the world’s best Xtreme Enduro competitors to take on the challenge.

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Lesotho Travel Information

For any information or assistance you require when planning your visit to Lesotho, please feel free to contact us at the Lesotho Tourism and Development Corporation in Maseru.

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