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Fly fishing

Tired of standard rod fishing? Why not try fly-fishing in Lesotho

Lesotho offers an unlimited number of kilometres of sight fishing sites set against its dramatic mountainous backdrop. Most of our rivers are unspoilt and much of the fishing landscape is uncharted. The fishing is technical but rewarding with most travellers working together in big pools and deeper runs, spotting fish glistening in the clear waters and guiding each other to the fish.

Fly fishing season opens each year on the 1 September and closes on the 31 May. The best time to fish is from the end of September to the end of November and again from March to May. There are many accessible fishing sites around Lesotho such as those at Katse, Mohale and Semonkong where you can fish for Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Yellowfish. Some of the more accessible locations also include:


  • At the confluence of Tsehlanyane and Tlholohatsi rivers about 2 km from the Oxbow Lodge.
  • The Malibamatšo river which is also about 2 km below the Oxbow Lodge.


  • At the confluence of Malibamatso and Pelaneng river - two kilometers up-stream from Motebong lodge in Ha Lejone.
  • Along the Pelaneng river valley, a few kilometers up-stream from its confluence with Malibamatso river.


  • Khubelu River downstream from Motebong ea Lelingoana.
  • Senqu (Orange) River in the rural highlands of South-west Lesotho.

Qacha’s Nek

  • Tsoelikana River in the Sehlabathebe National Park, downstream from the falls of the same name.
  • The Park Ponds of the Sehlabathebe National Park near Sehlabathebe Lodge.
  • Leqooa River which can be reached by 4 hour pony trek from the lodge.


  • Makhaleng River, 2 km below Molimo Nthuse Lodge.
  • Senqunyane River, upstream from Marakabei Lodge.
  • Maletsunyane River, Semonkong upstream of Semonkong Lodge and at the bottom of the Maletsunyane waterfall.

Thaba- Tseka

  • Katse Dam and floatation device may be required.

There are fishing guides in some areas to help discover other fishing spots in remote, difficult to access areas. 

Fishing Regulations in Lesotho

It is always advisable to go with a guide on your fishing adventures and many of those trips can be organised with the accommodation establishment with which you are staying. Establishments such as Semonkong LodgeKatse Lodge, Mohale Lodge and Motebong Lodge offer these services and they can give you a fishing license even if you aren't going on a guided tour. Licenses can be also be obtained through the Lesotho Highlands Development Authority for M50 for a month and M200 for a year. 

The season for trout fishing is closed between 1 June and 31 August every year. Fishing equipment that maybe used for trout is limited to a rod, line and artificial non-spinning flies. Landing nets and gaffs are not permitted. The bag limit for trout is twelve (12) trout over 25 centimetres in length. All the other trout must be returned to the water.


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