What to do in Lesotho

Horse riding & Pony trekking

Go for one hour to six nights, seven days pony trek across, the mountain escarpments, staying in the high altitude Basotho villages.

The hardly sure-footed Basotho ponies provide the best way to see the rugged domain. Longer or shorter treks can be arranged to suit your schedule and posterior. Pony trekking, which is the second most-used mode of transport in Lesotho, has become one of the most popular tourist activities and is one of the finest ways to experience the Lesotho highlands. The ponies are typically robust and sure-footed and treks explore the spectacular mountain scenery as well as give visitors the opportunity to see and experience the traditional lifestyle of the Basotho people. The main pony trekking centers are the Basotho Trekking Center on God Help Me Pass, and the Malealea Lodge near the Gates of Paradise, where treks lasting from one hour to six days can be arranged. Further afield in the Tsehlanyane National Park there is the newly built luxury Maliba Lodge which offers pony trekking for guests.

QF17 Pony Trek 1998 Feb i Gorge001
QF15 Pony Trek 1996 Apr viii Gorge River001
QF06 Pony Trek 1995 Aug v Gorge Line River001
01 02 Getty, Pony Trek 1996 Apr vii Gorge River
QD02 Pony Trek 1998 Apr Mafa Village Winter001
QF16 Pony Trek 1997 Jan ix Gorge River001
QC04 Pony Trek 1999 Mar Botsoela iii001
01 05b Getty, Pony Trek 1998 Feb ix RHPokers
QD04 Pony Trek 2000 Mar ARD Mafa Village ii001

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