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Basic Lesotho Information

Lesotho is a democratic, sovereign and independent country which has an unusual distinction of being completely surrounded by another country, the republic of South Africa.

Lesotho offers natural beauty, rugged terrain, and rich local culture and traditions, and a scarcity of civilization's trappings, such as landlords and fences, provides a permit-free playground for the more intrepid adventurers.

Accommodation can be found in all the regions of Lesotho, some calmly situated on river banks, some on mountain sides, and some at the highest altitude in Southern Africa.

A visitor to Lesotho can choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel in a town or the capital, Maseru, or choose to be spoiled by nature and find chalet or self-catering accommodation deep in the highlands of Lesotho, totally surrounded by beautiful mountains and a peaceful environment.

Lesotho offers breathtaking mountain vistas and adventure activities such as skiing, pony trekking, hiking and abseiling for the intrepid traveller. More leisurely pursuits for those seeking a relaxing and revitalising break include birdwatching, boating and fishing.

Lesotho's history can be explored at leisure with visits to San rock art, dinosaur footprints and cultural villages where the rich local culture of the Basotho people can be experienced.

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Basic Lesotho Facts

Size: 30 355 km2
Capital City: Maseru
Population (2007): 2.1 million; Maseru 436 000
Altitude: Lowest 1 388m; highest 3 482m
Languages: Sesotho and English
Monetary Unit: Loti (plural: Maloti)
Standard Power: 220/240 volt AC 50Hz
International Telephone Code: +266
From within Lesotho for lnternational access:    00 (country code)

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE, observe and obey the applicable driving speed limits.