Arrivals & Accommodation Statistics


Annual International arrivals statistics reveal the numbers of international arrivals into the country in any given year. This report depicts general behaviour of visitors, such as their intended length of stay, their purpose of visit into Lesotho and countries they are coming from. The user of these reports particularly the investors; can be able to have an idea of how many people visit Lesotho, during which seasons, their reasons to visit Lesotho, which borders they are going through.


Accommodation statistics come from all types of accommodation establishments across the country: these ranges from Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, Bed& Breakfast and other types. The reports illustrates the number of both residents and non-residents visitors that stay in our accommodation establishments, bed occupancies by type of establishments, revenue accrued from different type of establishments and many more. The information from these reports is vertical instrumental to hotelier investors, internal planning (Tourism Domain) and for Central Government Physical Planning.

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2012

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2013

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2014

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2015

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2016

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2017

Annual Tourism Arrivals and Accommodation Statistics Report 2018

Tourism Industry Employment Survey

This survey is intended to demonstrate the diversification of tourism employment in Lesotho. It is also meant to show distribution of employment in all Tourism Sub-Sectors. The report show the total number of direct tourism employment across the country with the sub sectors such as accommodation sub-sector, Restaurant sub-sector, cafes & fast food sub sector, heritage & cultural sub-sector and many more. The report also illustrate the level of skills employees have, type of employment they are in and development and training needs that are needed. The information in this report can help the upcoming entrepreneurs have the sense of how the industry is performing what are the available job opportunities across the spectrum.

Tourism Employment Survey Report 2014 Summary

Tourism Employment Survey Report 2014

Domestic Tourism Survey

This survey concentrated mainly on how often Lesotho’s residents travel around their country and what tourism products that they are aware of? How they came to know about those tourism products and how frequently to they travel? The main purpose of this survey was to have a baseline of where domestic tourism is in Lesotho.

Domestic Tourism Survey Report 2014 Summary

Domestic Tourism Survey Report 2014

Exit Visitors’ Survey

Exit Visitor survey is one critical survey that the corporation under take every other year to have an in-depth knowledge of tourists behaviour and travel patterns. This report reveal number of variables including but not limited to; actual length of stay, tourism attractions visited activities engaged on, type of accommodation used, amount of money spent on the trip, arrangement of the trip, suggestions and many more.

Lesotho Exit Visitor Survey Report 2013

Lesotho Exit Visitor Survey Report 2016-2017

LOTIS (Lesotho Online Tourism Information System)

This system is meant to enhance information accessibility across the globe; it enables the user to view data wherever and whenever the user wants (as long as the user has access to internet). It also has a user friendly interface where all key indicators are available on a dashboard. This feature gives the user a quick and easy to understand information with in a spilt of a second. The system also enables the user to contact key tourism entities though the inventory list that is available. Despite its user friendly feature it also have a huge advantage of having all tourism related reports in one place and if one wishes to analyse the trends over time he or she can do so without contacting the tourism authorities for assistance.


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