Investment Promotions

The Investment Promotion Department is mandated to facilitate the development and enhancement of tourism products in partnership with the private sector and host communities; as well as to promote Lesotho as a preferred destination for tourism investment. Under the current LTDC Strategic Plan the department pursues the following objectives:

  • To attract significant new tourism investments and business ventures.
  • To facilitate a substantial improvement and diversification of tourism products and tourists’ experience.
  • To develop and execute a successful product quality assurance system.
  • To facilitate tourism awareness and capacity building.

In the current year, 2016/17 the department intends to focus efforts on the following intervention below:

Facilitating Tourism Investment Climate

  • Carry out feasibility studies for development of Tourism Destination Areas (TDAs)
  • Development of zoning plans for TDAs
  • Facilitate development of Tourism Specific Incentive package 
  • Facilitate the Development of tour operation regulations
  • Facilitate the development of Tourism Levy
  • Facilitate access to finance
  • Enhance integrated tourism development  
  • Facilitate establishment of Inter-Ministerial Committee for tourism development
  • Facilitate servicing of tourism destination areas eg Sanitop, Semonkong, Letsa-la-Letsie and Morifi
  • Leverage on Resources from other agencies for advancing tourism development through partnerships, namely LNDC, LHDA, BEDCO, Action Lesotho, MCC, WASCO and Ministry of Police 

Promote development of new tourism products

  • Facilitate greenfield investments opportunities
  • Facilitate access to required resources, namely: land, funding, skilled and trainable personnel, mega infrastructure (roads, electricity, clean water, telecommunication) 
  • Facilitate registration of new ventures/investments eg company and tax registration
  • Facilitate acquisition of residence and work permits for expatriates
  • Facilitate opening of bank accounts, electricity, water and sewage reticulation.
  • Facilitate divesture of tourism assets owned by the government of Lesotho through short to long-term concessions.

Diversify tourism product 

  • Carry out tourism attraction sites audit and compile a database 
  • Develop key Tour Routes around the country by constructing visitor comfort facilities at strategic points along the routes
  • Facilitate implementation of LHWP tourism master plan

Strengthen private sector & community participation

  • Enhance private sector skills through training
  • Short term training for all tourism sub-sectors eg training of Tour Operators, Tour Guides, Accommodation Sector, etc 
  • Facilitate skills capacity building for community interest groups eg Traditional Performance groups, Crafters, Pony trekking groups, Rural Homestay owners
  • Facilitate establishment of Area Tourism Development Trusts as an intermediary structures that oversee and coordinate tourism development and activities within TDAs

Enhance participation in grading programme

  • Create awareness about grading programme and its benefits to the operators and consumers
  • Carry out mentorship/handholding on grading 
  • Assess and award grades to accommodation facilities
  • Monitor performance of graded accommodation facilities
  • Promote usage of graded accommodation facilities