Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation

Promoting Responsible and Sustainable Economic Development through Tourism

While Lesotho is known for its natural beauty, the world still does not know much about our breath taking scenery and an endless variety of Lesotho’s adventurous experiences at some of the highest points on earth, hence it is anticipated that, with the new brand, which is meant to differentiate Lesotho from its competitors, more visitors will be attracted to the kingdom in the sky through a variety of marketing strategies together with the new brand.

The objective of Lesotho’s tourism brand is to provide a consistent, positive voice for Lesotho. The LTDC’s goal is to encourage immediate action by potential visitors to learn more about the destination and plan a visit. With the help of further research, coupled with our planned marketing strategies and partnerships with relevant key stakeholders together with the new brand, we believe all the pieces will come together to create a strong image for Lesotho so that it stands out from the crowd of regional and international competitors. We are therefore inviting and encouraging the media and business operators to embrace the brand, feel proud about it and use it in their tourism marketing and promotional materials.


By 2020 LTDC will be the leader in successfully positioning Lesotho as Southern Africa’s must-visit mountain, culture, adventure and ecotourism destination


LTDC provides leadership in the development of a strong and vibrant tourism industry which contributes to sustainable economic growth, job creation, poverty alleviation, and protection of the natural and cultural environment through effective partnership with the private sector and the community in strategic marketing, research, product development, quality service delivery and human resource development.


  • To promote and generate sustainable and profitable tourism projects which demonstrate a high absorptive capacity for labour.
  • Mobilization of requisite resources to meet the demand for financial and infrastructural requirement from both the local and international donor/financial institutions and the private sector.
  • To market and promote Lesotho as a preferred destination for tourists (increased market share of global tourist traffic) in such a manner that will contribute to generation of additional foreign exchange, improved balance of payments and creation of employment.
  • To promote and increase the flow of domestic tourism by marketing internally the unique selling points of Lesotho with particular accent on appreciation of heritage, traditional and cultural endowments and responsible use of environment.


The key function of the Strategic Marketing Department is to promote and market Lesotho as a unique and preferred tourist destination. Through newly developed unique tourism image, the department’s vision is to position Lesotho as a first choice destination for local people, most preferred destination for regional tourists and the best choice compliment for international tourists, with the goal that Lesotho tourism potential creates jobs and contribute to the economic growth

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Research and Development

Research and Development Department provides research intelligence to key departments of the corporation; these include Strategic Marketing (SM) and Investment Promotion department (IP) for them to pursue their key mandates. R&D produces various products that range from International Arrival Statistics, Accommodation Statistics, Tourism Attractions Statistics and surveys such as Domestic Tourism Survey, Tourism Employment Survey and Exit Visitors’ Survey.

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Investment Promotions

The Investment Promotion Department is mandated to facilitate the development and enhancement of tourism products in partnership with the private sector and host communities; as well as to promote Lesotho as a preferred destination for tourism investment. Under the current LTDC Strategic Plan the department pursues the following objectives:

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