Investment Assistance

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LTDC is committed to take the foreign investor by the hand to clear all investment requirements. It provides professional services to investors both before and after investment. LTDC is the focal point for investors wishing to set up tourism enterprises in Lesotho. It helps potential investors obtain clearances (residence permits, work permits, licences etc). It also provides investment advice, facilitates identification of strategic.

Work and Residence Permits

Employment of non-citizens is regulated and all non-citizens taking up employment in Lesotho are required to be in possession of work and residence permits. These permits are issued only after all necessary licenses have been issued and the applicant cleared for tax.


Lesotho offers good quality housing for staff at affordable rental rates in and around major towns.

Health Services

Lesotho is served by a network of hospitals, clinics and health centres which provide basic facilities throughout most of the country. A flying doctor service is provided for the remote mountainous areas while patients needing specialized medical treatment not available in Lesotho are referred to hospital in the neighbouring Republic of South Africa.


All major town centres offer banking facilities and supermarkets and are within easy reach of Maseru which has a variety of chain stores, supermarkets, boutiques and entertainment. Food and other consumer durables are available at competitive prices.

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