Invest in Lesotho

Lesotho is endowed with the highest altitudes in southern Africa, with heights soaring at 3482m above sea level at Thabana-Ntleyana, and is the only country in the world with all its land lying above 1500m above sea level. This naturally gives it clean crisp mountain air and an abundance of water sources and bodies. This natural scenic beauty has created a host of tourism investment opportunities that cover a wide array from extreme adventure, right to eco-tourism leisure activities.

Over the years, the Government of Lesotho (GOL) has invested in infrastructure programmes to make the rugged terrain accessible to pave way for tourism related opportunities which include a wide spectrum. GOL has also conducted a series of studies to establish the viability of the proposed tourism developments, as well as undertake vigorous marketing of such opportunities in line with the new Lesotho tourism brand Identity.



Lesotho experiences snowfall between May and  August every year. The mountainous country has long south facing slopes that offer opportunities for the development of ski slopes in Kotisephola, Mokhotlong district and Sehlabathebe, Qacha's Nek destrict


The Lesotho highlands Water Project (LHWP) with its mighty dams constructed in the central highlands of Lesotho offer opportunities for establishing water based adventure centres and investment in cruise boats of not less than 100 people. the voyages could take a minimum of 2 hours within the Mohale and Katse dams separately.


The kingdom in the sky currently has skewed distribution of accommodation facilities which mostly are located in the Maseru city and major district towns. At the moment the corporation is encouraging investors to consider locating their new accommodation developments with the tourism destination areas where there are few or no facilities with the required number  and or bed offering international quality service to travelers


Lesotho is proud of its untapped and authentic tourism attributes that offer a traveler African wilderness characterised by clean air, clean skies, clean water free from equatorial diseases such as bilharzia and malaria, as well as tranquility. The attributes are key and much supportive to destinations offering health and wellness facilities to out-patients and those escaping the hustle and buzz of the cities to rejuvenate their mind, soul and spirit. Therefore a number of our pristine areas offer and opportunity to establish the health and wellness resorts.

The LTDC provides professional services to investors both before and after investment, assists the foreign investor to obtain clearances (residence permits, work permits, licences etc) and provides investment advice.