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With all of it's land lying at altitudes in excess of 1300m above sea-level, it is a land of heights and extremes; Lesotho offers breathtaking mountain vistas, awesome adventure and fascinating culture.

Adventure awaits you in the Mountain Kingdom with a range of activities on land, on the snow and in the water. Lesotho is famous for its spectacular scenic beauty branded by breathtaking mountain ranges, towering peaks, a rich variety of flora and fauna, crystal clear streams, surging waterfalls, diverse culture and a snow blanket seen high in the mountains across the country in winter. While travelling around the country, visitors will come across the various forms of crafts that are handmade by Basotho.

The mountains, landscape and high altitude lure bikers, 4X4 riders and hikers to explore them in search for adrenaline teasing challenges and adventure. In the southern part of the country, the Sehlabathebe National Park - Lesotho’s flagship park, forms part of the itinerary for any visitor to Lesotho offering majestic scenery. The park is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, some of which have never been found elsewhere in the world.

Whether it is for relaxing, adventure or sporting activities that tourists may visit Lesotho, they will always be amazed by extreme sporting activities, beautiful rock formations and rock paintings, ancient creatures’ footprints like the dinosaurs and bird watching. Those who wish to explore routes on foot and experience the Basotho culture will find what they are looking for. The waters of Lesotho allow for canoeing, boating and fishing among a hive of other water-based activities.

Top Destinations in Lesotho

  • Afriski is one of only two ski resorts in southern Africa, located 3222m above sea-level in the Maluti Mountains, operating in Southern Africa near the northern border of Lesotho and South Africa.

  • Malealea, regarded as one of the top destinations in Lesotho, is a perfect one stop destination for a relaxing and adventurous holiday. A local band, using their homemade instruments, entertains guests in the evenings.

  • Katse, is a disease free area, is one of Lesotho’s popular tourist destinations. It was named after a wealthy man called Katse who used to have a lot of livestock and provided agricultural produce to the local communities.

  • Sani Top is world’s highest point at 2874 metres above sea level located at Lesotho border post in the district of Mokhotlong. The road descends the torturous meandering of the Sani pass.

Lesotho's Top Attractions

  • Liphofung Nature Reserve, "place of the eland" cave occupies an important place in Lesotho history. The area around 'Moteng Valley is known for its high mountains and beautiful scenery.

  • Situated in the Drakensberg escarpment is the Sehlabathebe National Park established in 1970. A breathtaking undisturbed area of its own beauty of clear rivers running through the park

  • The Ha Kome Cave Village is situated at Pulane area in Berea district. The caves were a hideout for the Basia and one Bataung clans during the Lifaqane Wars and cannibalism. The cave is still inhabited by their descendants to this day. There are also faded San paintings in the cave which indicates that the San also occupied the cave some time prior to their arrival albeit briefly.

  •  Thaba Bosiu, The name Thaba Bosiu means the 'Mountain at Night'. It was in July,1824 when Moshoeshoe and his people took occupation of the mountain which his brother Mohale had reconnoitred.

  • Tse'hlanyane National Park, is located deep in the front range of the Maluti mountains, with headquarters at the foot of the Holomo Pass.

  • Maletsunyane Waterfalls, one of the highest single dropping waterfalls in the Southern Hemisphere, plummets 192 metres into a spectacular gorge creating clouds of spray visible from afar.

Adventure and Sightseeing Routes

  • This extreme 4WD route includes Tlaeeng Pass, which at 3275m is the highest road pass in Southern Africa. Supplies are available at Ha Lejone. Please note: Extreme 4WD vehicles only!

  • Start at Mount Moorosi or Mphake and end the journey at Ongeluksnek, but not before you have relaxed at Malekgonyane Nature Reserve and enjoyed nearby Letseng-la-Letsio lake. Please note: Extreme 4WD vehicles only!

  • This route meanders through the Senqu River Valley in the south of Lesotho. Deep gorges, spectacular view points and panoramic mountain views are common.

  • This route takes you to the Maletsunyane Falls, the highest falls in Southern Africa (192m). With a section only passable by pony or hiking it makes for an ideal adventure holiday.

  • The Highlands Ski Route features world class skiing and snowboarding at the Afriski resort, 4x4 routes and snowy vistas as far as the eye can see. Don’t miss the Letseng Diamond Mine to get that special gift .

  • Ride or drive the Mountain Biking & 4x4 Route for breathtaking views and natural splendour. Fuel and supplies are available in Thaba Tseka and Mokhotlong Please note: Extreme 4WD vehicles only!

  • The Highlands Circular Route offers a little bit of everything from Qiloane Falls to the Ha Baroana rock paintings. Soak up the rejuvenating power of nature at the Bokong Nature Reserve or go boating on Katse Dam.

  • This route allows you to take in all the historical and cultural sites of the lowlands of Lesotho. The burial place of King Moshoeshoe I and the ruins on Thaba Bosiu offer an insight into the history of the Basotho.

  • The King Moshoeshoe Historical Route is a 3 day hike following in the footsteps of the King of the Basotho, Moshoeshoe I, who led his people to safety in the mountain fortress of Thaba Bosiu.


Lesotho Travel Information

For any information or assistance you require when planning your visit to Lesotho, please feel free to contact us at the Lesotho Tourism and Development Corporation in Maseru.

Border information centre: +266-22312427
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.