Where to Stay

Accommodation establishments can be found in all the regions of the country, some calmly situated on river banks, some on mountain sides, and some at the highest altitude in Southern Africa. A visitor will be spoiled for choice because he/she can choose to stay in an accommodation establishment situated in a town or major centre or choose to be spoiled by nature and stay at an establishment deep in the highlands of Lesotho, totally surrounded by beautiful mountains and a peaceful environment.

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About Lesotho

Lesotho is a democratic, sovereign and independent country which has an unusual distinction of being completely surrounded by another country

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What to See

With all of it's land lying at altitudes in excess of 1500m above sea-level; it is a land of heights and extremes, Lesotho offers breathtaking mountain vistas

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What to Do

Southern Africa's answer to Nepal offers natural beauty, rugged terrain, and rich local culture and traditions, and a scarcity of civilization's trappings, such as landlords and fences, provides a permit-free playground for the more intrepid adventurers.

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Travel Guide

Useful information on practical matters for the tourist in Lesotho, such as climate, transport, currency, health, safety and useful phrases.

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With a wide variety of activites for visitors and high quality conferencing facilities, Lesotho is an excellent location for your next event.

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